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Radiology Clerkship
Pediatric Clerkship
Surgery Clerkship
Clinical Clerkship

Clinical Rotations for M3 and M4 Medical Students, & DOs

U.S. Medical Students & International Medical Students, IMGs 

(MBBS, Doctor of Medicine , MS, D.M, McH)

Clinical Preceptors

Clinical Preceptor Program 

Leadership of the future of Medicine!


Benefits, Locations, and Qualifications 

Hospital Network

Residency Affiliated Hospitals & Clinics


Southeastern and Southwestern United States

Leadership of the Future of Medicine!

Medical Students & IMGs
We Accept

   M3 and M4

  • Medicine (MD)

  • Osteopathic Medicine (DO)

  • International Medical Graduate (IMG) (MBBS, Doctor of Medicine, MS, D.M., McH)

Our Clients
  • Medical Schools

  • DO Schools

  • Post Graduates  

Clinical Rotations

The 6 Major Categories 

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