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Testimonials and FAQ's


"great to work with"

"The team at PHEN has been very helpful to me.  I was able to do my core rotations in Arizona and decided to do my electives in Texas.  The PHEN staff has been great to work with.  The rotations they set for me have been excellent.  I've had the chance to rotate with doctors at the top of their field. I was able to get some great letters of recommendation as welll."

"able to get the rotations that I wanted"

"The PHEN group got me rotations with a hospital that has residencies.  This was a big concern for me.  They were easy to work with and even able to get me the rotations I wanted with the dates that I asked for. I would use their service again".

"ACGME clerkship affiliated rotations"

"I was impressed by the number of ACGME clerkship affiliated rotations I was able to find through PHEN. For me, this was the deciding factor for choosing them." 


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