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Testimonials and FAQ's


"great to work with"

"The team at PHEN has been very helpful to me.  I was able to do my core rotations in Arizona and decided to do my electives in Texas.  The PHEN staff has been great to work with.  The rotations they set for me have been excellent.  I've had the chance to rotate with doctors at the top of their field. I was able to get some great letters of recommendation as welll."

"able to get the rotations that I wanted"

"The PHEN group got me rotations with a hospital that has residencies.  This was a big concern for me.  They were easy to work with and even able to get me the rotations I wanted with the dates that I asked for. I would use their service again".

"ACGME clerkship affiliated rotations"

"I was impressed by the number of ACGME clerkship affiliated rotations I was able to find through PHEN. For me, this was the deciding factor for choosing them." 


  • Are your clinical rotations ACGME rotations?
    Our clinical clerkship rotations are affiliated with ACGME Residency Program Hospitals and Clinics
  • In case I am not happy with the options offered, what part of your fees are refundable?"
    Once a student has completed their application, their information has been verified, and they have paid their deposit, information will be given regarding the rotations. This allows us to schedule the rotation based on availability during the dates requested. At that point, if the student does not desire the rotation, they may decline it and receive a refund of their deposit. We will work with the student to ascertain if another one of our placements may better meet their needs, but they are entitled to a refund provided it is requested more than 30 days before the start of their projected rotation.
  • I am a DO student and I need only one rotation. Is this possible and how fast can I get a roatation?
    Yes, There is no minimum requried number of clerkship rotations. In fact there is not a minmum required duration. Clinical Clerkships are usually matched with your school requirements and type or clinical rotation requested. Most are typicly 4 weeks. Once a student has completed their application, and their information has been verified PHEN can provide in some cases rotations within a couple of weeks. This is dependant on location, avalability of requested clinical rotations.
  • How does PHEN work?
    We are a fee for service organization. We are comprised of a network of Hospitals, Clinics, Physician Practices and Health Care Professionals that provides clinical rotation sites for M3 and M4 Medical Students, DO students, International Medical Students, IMG and interns within the U.S.
  • What are your fees?
    Fees are dependent on amont of clinical clerkship rotations requested and location. Please contact us at There is a one time Application fee $45
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