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P.H.E.N. and the ECFMG 

P.H.E.N. is proud to  be apart of the ECFMG EPIC program.

The Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC) offers primary-source verification of medical credentials to physicians and organizations worldwide. In verifying the authenticity of physician credentials related to medical education, training, and registration/licensure, EPIC employs the same world-class, primary-source verification process used by ECFMG to verify credentials for other ECFMG services, including ECFMG Certification, the standard for international physicians entering the U.S. health care system. EPIC’s services are delivered through a web-based platform that offers users security, convenience, and efficiency. To learn more about how EPIC works, visit the How EPIC Works page.

*P.H.E.N.  requires all applicants to verify credentials through  ECFMG's EPIC program.

here is a link


P.H.E.N. is proud to announce our newest program. The P.H.E.N. " 2022 Family Medicine Clerkship Scholarship!"

One Clinical Clerkship Family Medicine Rotation paid for by P.H.E.N.. We are currently taking applications now through January 25th 2022 for our paid clerkship in family medicine.  All you have to do is mention "The Family Medicine Clinical Clerkship Scholarship with your application"! Yep, it's that easy...

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